The ezPEG is an attachment for your cart, where you can hang your Easyrig while not wearing it.

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The ezPEG allows the camera operator to easily attach your Easyrig Vario5, Cinema 2/2.5, 3 or Minimax to your Inovativ cart (currently Apollo, Echo, Scout and Ranger type of carts). Simply attach the Easyrig sleeve on the top support bar right over the bellow, and then you’ll be able to hang the Easyrig off the ezPEG on any side of your cart. The ezPEG has 3M Bumpon™ surface on all contact points to avoid scratching your cart, and a internal spring mechanism with adjustable lever, making very easy to take the peg on/off from the cart.

The version for the Easyrig minimax ships with the adapter needed to mount the sleeve on to the smaller frame minimax.

Note: To install the Easyrig sleeve, a allen tool metric size, no. 3 is needed.

Specification: ezPEG

Shipping weight0.5 kg
Shipping dimensions15 × 15 × 10 cm
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